Will I be accommodated in passenger accommodation?

Yes, you will be on the passenger manifest and enjoy passenger privileges. You will be allocated a passenger cabin , there should be no expectations that it will be an outside cabin, it is usually twin beds, don't expect a balcony or a suite. If you have any special requirements you need to let us know at the time of placement as the line may not be able to fulfil them.

Whilst on-board the company will provide, free of charge, all meals in the buffet restaurant. Should you wish to dine in the main restaurant, please ask the Deputy Cruise Director at the Cruise Directors welcome meeting which is held just after the boat drill on the first night that you join the ship. For the first night, you must dine in the buffet restaurant.

There are no guarantees that you will be able to dine in the main restaurant, but if there is space the Maitre’d will allocate you to a table sharing with other guests on the seating which has the most availability. If you approach the Maitre’d on the first full day of the cruise around lunchtime, tell him who you are, he will be able to advise if he has been able to accommodate you along with the seating time.