Amanda Halliwell

Amanda Halliwell
Art Instructor - Watercolours

Amanda has always painted. She enjoys a variety of styles and techniques, including palette knife oil-painting, acrylics, inks, watercolour, gouache and on silk. Lately she is experimenting with 'poured acrylics' like those by Arthur Brouthers.

Educated at Leicester and Warwick Universities, Amanda took a first degree in Art History and later a Masters in Business. She enjoys teaching classes at home and at sea and continues to learn by taking art classes from known artists such as Helen Masacz, Mark Entwisle, Paul Riley and others. Amanda sells her original paintings and greetings cards and you can find her at

Comments from satisfied cruisers include:

"Thank you for the attached page. It is an amazing reminder of the many painting techniques you taught us during our lessons with you. Friends and family have been really interested to hear about the painting lessons, and to see my artwork."

"Thank you for for all of this information, it's making me want to get the paints out. The lessons were brilliant, I always enjoy learning new techniques, and you certainly showed us plenty. It was a pleasure meeting you and Guy, and who knows we may meet again on another cruise."

Watercolour classes usually encompass landscapes, still lives and flowers.

I pitch the sessions at people who are new or fairly new to watercolour and encourage everyone to make the picture their own. This then caters for all, the more advanced artists adapting and embellishing as they go. The goal is for people to be able to produce a complete painting within the lesson time, which is usually an hour, so I limit talking so that people can start painting within a few minutes of the session start. I usually provide an example picture as a handout and introduce a range of tips and techniques over the course of the cruise. The main thing is that everyone feels included and enjoys themselves. And we get some great results too and have a friendly, celebratory friends and family exhibition at the end.

ExpertiseWatercolour tutor. BA(Hons) Art History
Cruise Experience as Speaker/TutorTaught watercolour classes on P&O ships and Fred Olsen. Offered Cunard but unfortunately did not have sufficient remaining annual leave from my full time job to allow me to take this up.


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