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Brian Sims
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The 2019 publication of Brian Sims' fascinating autobiography "YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE A CHAMPION TO BE A WINNER!" has been highly publicised and very well received across a wide spectrum of readers

The book is about Brian's journey from leaving school with a minimum of qualifications and getting a job fitting wheels to barrows in a Southampton builders-merchant's yard, to receiving an Honorary Doctorate at Birmingham City University, in 2018, from the Vice Chancellor, Sir Lenny Henry. In between these two phases of his life, Brian achieved success in the business world before fulfilling his dream of becoming a professional racing driver, going on to become the Manager of the Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit in South Africa and the Commercial Director of a World Championship winning F1 Team.

Brian talks fondly of the many years he spent in South Africa, where he met his wife Liz and of their wonderful time.learning the skills of wildlife photography and travelling around this vast country. The pair of them then launched South Africa's first ever motor racing school and set up a quite remarkable scholarship opportunity.

In later years, following South Africa's famous Election in 1994, Brian and Liz returned to South Africa to establish a major educational project which encouraged young Black students to become much-needed engineers, through the attraction of motorsport.

Brian's talks are both entertaining and informative. Not being a household name, or having a rich daddy, he had to rely on some highly innovative and often hilarious ways of securing the budget to continue race-driving. This included working with John Cleese, Richard Baker (BBC News Reader), David Croft of Dad's Army Fame, the cast of a highly popular BBC Sit-Com,David Jacobs, the BBC Disc Jockey, who presented Juke Box Jury and the lead singer of a world-famous Heavy Metal group.

Brian has moved house over 40 times, country 7 times and his stories about the joys of international travel are numerous and entertaining. Whether or not you are a motorsport enthusiast, it doesn't matter. If you just like listening to a good, enthusiastic speaker talk about his life, his travels and the people he has met en route, Brian Sims is your man.

Working in F1, Brian has done a lot of travelling and spent many years living in South Africa, as well as the United States of America.

TALK 1: "A 2-week holiday in South Africa that lasted 14 years!

When Brian Sims visited his family in Johannesburg for a two week holiday, little did he realise that he would eventually spend a total period of 14 years living and working in this amazing country.

Developing a passion for wild-life photography, Brian and Liz, his South African wife were fortunate to spend a lot of time in the area north of the Kruger Park, experiencing some great wild-life activities in the process. His talk includes anecdotes about their experiences of living in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg, as well as a high level of extensive touring throughout the country. He worked closely with the South African Government in his second spell in the country, on a major education project, including meeting with the current President, Cyril Ramaphosa. This all coincided with the huge change that was happening under Mandella. Brian's advice on places for tourists to visit is extremely useful.

Talk 2: Chasing the moustache that belonged to Nigel Mansell!

How Brian became a professional racing driver and always found himself behind a man with a moustache and how growing his own led him into the world of show-business and personalities. A humorous and entertaining look back at his own professional sports career


How an invitation to tea at the House of Lords led to Brian gaining the UK Government's formal recognition and support for a world-leading British industry that attracts over 450 million TV viewers

Talk 4: Would You Get into a Driverless Taxi?

How our world of motoring and motorsport is changing dramatically and what it might mean for all of us. A look into the future of road travel.

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