Caroline Hawley

Caroline Hawley
Antiques and Collectibles

Caroline had a fascination for art and antiques from childhood, visiting her local village auctions with her parents and digging on Victorian tips for bottles and other bygones. This quickly progressed to selling antiques and collectibles at local fairs and opening her first antique shop near her home in East Yorkshire at the age of twenty. She bought and sold at major antique fairs around the UK, finding choice items to sell in her shops. For some years she also ran adult education courses on antiques and collectibles. After many happy and successful years dealing Caroline and her husband set up Hawleys auctioneers, holding antique and fine art auctions at Beverley racecourse. She thoroughly enjoys her life on the rostrum, the life of an auctioneer is never dull! Caroline is also kept very busy doing lectures, after dinner speaking engagements and charity auctions. As the business grew it enabled Caroline to indulge in another of her passions, all things French, trading antiques on both sides of the channel, now having a permanent base in Normandy. She completed a degree in French recently, il vaut mieux tard que jamais, better late than never! In 2012 she started working as an expert on the BBC antiques programme Flog-It, leading to Flog-It Trade Secrets, Bargain Hunt and Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is! All the shows are great fun, doing what she has always loved, the only difference being that now she has a film crew in tow!

Prospective lecture titles: 1. The changing face of the auction market today. We will take an inside look at how auctions work and the effect the recent additions of Internet auction sites, television programmes and live bidding have had on the business. 2. 19th century British pottery and porcelain. We will delve in to a selection of the plethora of ceramic companies thriving in Britain in the 19th century. We will look at various marks which enable us to correctly identify and date a piece and very importantly how to spot a fake. 3. Fin de siècle the birth of Art Nouveau. We will trace it's beginnings in the Bing gallery in Paris to its spread around the world in its many manifestations. We will examine the beauty of art nouveau looking at examples of everything from large buildings to jewellery. 4. The history of British silverware. An introduction to the fascinating world of the silversmith. Looking at examples of marks we will learn to identify assay offices, makers and dates. 5. All that glitters, Jewellery through the ages. We will look at various materials, styles and symbolism used in jewellery from Roman times to the present day. 6. Valuation evening with charity auction if desired. Passengers can bring along their items for appraisal and valuation by Caroline, some photos with good descriptions may suffice. 7. Antique and collectibles quiz. A fun, interesting and entertaining quiz. Come along and put your antique knowledge to the test. 8. English domestic furniture through the centuries. The evolution of furniture looking at varying styles, materials and uses. 9. Cheers! Glassware through the ages. Looking at the changing fashions in the vessels in which we take a drink. 10. We are what we wear. Costume and textiles. We will be looking at how and why fashions changed and looking at the importance of needlework in times gone by.

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Antiques & Collectibles