Colin Evans

Colin Evans

Colin Evans is a Horticulturalist and has spent much of his life working in many aspects of Horticulture and the Media. He’s written for consumer magazines, newspapers and trade and professional journals. When he completed his formal Horticultural training he worked for a Multinational Agricultural Chemicals Company as a research botanist experimenting with, and developing new chemicals for both the commercial and domestic Gardening markets.

During this time he was also a member of a team developing a growing system which eventually became known as hydroponics, which, is simply growing plants without soil. Instead, the plants are supplied with nutrients via a Self Watering System which is now used to grow commercial crops worldwide.

He ran his own Horticultural Landscape Design, Construction and Maintenance Company specialising in both large Commercial and Domestic Exterior and Interior Garden Schemes using both Exotic and Tropical Plants.

He is also a Radio and TV presenter with many live and recorded programmes to his name, and lectures and runs Horticultural Courses. He has appeared on many Gardening Road Shows as a regular Expert panellist and his Media work includes that of Presenter and Reporter on live studio shows and outside broadcasts, including, The Chelsea Flower Show, Hampton Court Palace Flower Show and BBC Gardeners World Live and appearing in Gardening Programmes for Granada TV, Sky BSB and RDF Productions.

Colin’s relaxed and professional style makes him somewhat unique in that he has a firm belief that being an entertainer with a humorous and light hearted delivery is the way to get the message across.

He is used to dealing with large groups be it in a lecture room, hall, theatre or out and about looking after the keen and not so keen Gardeners on Guided Tours.

Colin not only knows much of the theory but has had great experience putting that theory into practice which makes him able to use a wealth of knowledge, practical advise and inspiration during his talks.


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