Dr David Horsley

Dr David Horsley
Wildlife Biologist

David has had lifelong interest in wildlife, which began with birds but soon widened its scope through university and arriving in Norfolk. He has a Zoology Degree (UCL) and a PHD in Evolutionary Genetics (Nottingham). He did some research but ended up in Norfolk (very happily) as a Biology teacher in 1978.

After retiring he has been involved with Adult Education in wildlife based topics in day schools, lectures to wildlife groups and WEA courses. David now does all his wildlife lecturing to support the Norfolk Wildlife Trust, both financially and being on message. His interest in, and passion for wildlife photography and videography provides most of the material and the basis for his lectures.

David continues to live in Norfolk and spends much time in the field - always with a camera - adding to and updating his core, Norfolk-based talks. He has also travelled widely.

Updated 15.04.2021

Updated 15.04.2021

Generally I talk about the wildlife of the region to be visited. Each topic would have a good scientific basis, especially in evolution and ecology, to try and give explanations for the reasons behind what is going on. Hopefully this would enrich the experience of a voyage for passengers. All my lectures are multimedia - images, sound, video and exciting graphics.

Normally I would expect to give the following 'stock' talks:-

• Whales and Dolphins of the region visited - (Half biology and half on the species likely to be encountered)

• Seabirds of the region visited. • Both of these would be backed up by on deck ID opportunities as these organisms are encountered on a daily basis at sea.

• Islands, Cradles of Evolution. This can apply to the Caribbean, Macronesia (Canaries etc), Galapagos, Hebrides etc

• Land-based wildlife of the region to be visited. This might be divided into several lectures, depending on the extent of the voyage and special places like Gibraltar and its bird of prey migration. In Caribbean - What to See Ashore and What to See at Sea for instance.

• Coastal Fringe Wildlife - From mangroves to sand dunes and rocky coasts

• Climate Change and Wildlife. Always a 'hot' topic and even more so today

Additional Talks for any trip

• Wild about Norfolk

• Rebirth of the Blues (Understanding Symbiosis through Blue butterfly biology and conservation)

• From Midnight Sun to Norfolk Winter

• The Top 40 (birds in your garden)

• A relevant talk on Evolution/Darwin/Natural Selection

Areas where I have plenty of material and some specialist knowledge:-

• Australia, Morocco, Gambia, Madagascar, South America, Falklands, S. Georgia and Antarctica, Galapagos, Caribbean, All of UK, Arctic - Greenland, Iceland, Northern Norway and Finland, Europe, all of Scandinavia, France, Iberia, Poland., The Mediterranean eg Wildlife of the Great Mediterranean Deltas, Macaronesia (Canary Is,, Madeira, Cape Verde, Azores)

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Cruise Experience as Speaker/Tutor Jan 2008 Black Watch Atlantic, Caribbean, Panama, Peru : June 2008 Andrea Round Britain: November 2008 Discovery Lisbon, Cape Verde, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina : June 2009 Oriana Ireland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway : October 2009 Black Prince Home European Ports : February 2010 Ventura Caribbean : July 2010 Marco Polo Norway, Shetland : October2010 Oceana Morocco, Spain: March 2011 Discovery Chile , Peru, Ecuador & Galapagos : August 2012 Black Watch Greenland Iceland: Jan 2012 Boudicca Lisbon, Madeira, Canaries, Morocco: Nov 2013 Saga Ruby Portugal, Madeira, Azores: Jan 2014 Boudicca Teneriffe, Caribbean : February 2015 Braemar Caribbean incl. Cuba: September 2015 Viking Star Mediterranean ::February 2016 Thomson Dream Greater Antilles (Caribbean): February 2017 Braemar Lesser Antilles and Grand Turk. June 2021 SAGA SoD Round Britain Cruise


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