Dr Susan E Birks

Dr Susan E Birks
Craft Instructor

Doctor Susan Birks was born sometime around the middle of the last century in Manchester where she now lives with her husband, Michael. She was educated at Stretford Grammar School for Girls and graduated from Manchester University where she obtained her PhD in Medicine. Her early career involved clinical trials with cancer patients at the Christie Hospital but later she trained as a Physiotherapist at Withington School and joined the staff of Park Hospital, Manchester. It was the first National Health Hospital, later renamed Trafford General, and it was where she was Senior Physiotherapist in the intensive care unit, specialising in the treatment of chest disease. She has retired now to spend more time with her beads and her cats. Her involvement with Crafts goes back many years and she has tried her hand at most things. However her real passion is beads. Beads of every description, colour and variety! She started taking classes over twenty-five years ago and, following the example of her teacher, took over the class when her teacher retired. Although still keen to learn she is equally keen to pass on her own knowledge and this she does in the classes she currently runs several times a week (when not on a Cruise!).

BEADING FOR BEGINNERS The series of classes consists of projects which cover the basic skills involved with beading and is expandable both in scope, difficulty and length for longer voyages. Similarly the course can be terminated at any point for shorter voyages without appearing cut short. The Projects are designed to take approximately 45 minutes each but it would be useful if a finishing class could be hosted periodically to ensure that the Projects are completely finished by those who need more time and/or more guidance. Further classes could be provided in the future for repeat cruisers as could themed projects, such as Christmas. Examples are illustrated. More advanced classes are available for more experienced beaders using right angled weave and other stitches, This would involve passengers working on their own between classes to complete projects. CROSS STITCH FOR BEGINNERS A range of small cross stitch projects which can be framed, made into coasters, bookmarks and trinket box tops or just completed for the fun of it. Once the basics have been mastered advice and guidance on moving onto larger projects can be given including the use of the various frames to maintain the correct tension. CARD MAKING Cards for all occasions can be created from the basic elements available. Techniques will be demonstrated and guidance offered to produce a quality product. EMBROIDERY FOR BEGINNERS As with cross stitch, embroidery projects can be made into various decorative pieces or simply framed. With the addition of felt and other adornments card making is an option. WIRE BEADING A range of decorative ornaments for Christmas and other occasions can be made from a combination of pearls and crystals using wires to hold them together. They could also be used as parcel decoration, handbag ornaments or on perfume bottles - the range is endless. DÉCOUPAGE and DÉCOUPATCH Découpage is used to make a three dimensional picture which can be framed or made into greetings cards. Découpatch is used to cover various objects to make pretty decorative pieces.

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