Janet Wilson

Janet Wilson
Bridge Director also Destinations Lecturer

With an outgoing personality and a good sense of humour, Janet creates highly enjoyable seminars. She incorporates both the basics and popular bridge conventions into her entertaining talks. Bringing along her own PowerPoint equipment she is entirely self-sufficient.

As an English Bridge Union accomplished teacher and presenter of both English ACOL and Standard American systems she is an experienced ‘holiday’ and ‘cruise ship’ lecturer and entertainer.

As an English Bridge Union Tournament Director she ensures that everyone will be in safe hands and enjoy their bridge competitions.


English Bridge Union Teacher.

Janet is an English Bridge Union experienced professional bridge teacher.

She presents seminars every sea morning: -

Beginners’ bridge seminars are practical to add to guest enjoyment.

Audio-visual seminars for Intermediate, Improving or Advanced Players, as appropriate.

Handouts, books, and DVD’s are available if required.

EBU Tournament Director.

Each sea day afternoon she runs a Duplicate Bridge Competition which typically lasts for about two hours.

She arrives before the scheduled start time to meet and greet all passengers, putting them at their ease and adding to their cruise enjoyment. She also uses this time to pair up solitary players, occasionally playing herself if necessary.

At the end of the game she prints out their scores and then put them on display.

In addition, some guests will want to discuss specific bridge hands and she likes to give them this opportunity.

She puts everything back in its proper place and vacates the room in good time for the next scheduled event.

ExpertiseBridge Tutor, Bridge Director
Cruise Experience as Speaker/TutorFully experienced in various cruise lines and length of cruises.


Bridge Instructing