Nicholas Pointing

Nicholas Pointing
Overland adventures in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang has become a passion including building a replica and driving it to Australia, but for Nick Pointing life started with adventures of a different sort. Nick left school at sixteen and joined the Royal Navy in 1982, The Falklands war was in full swing during his training at H.M.S. Raleigh, however fortunately for Nick all over by the time he joined his first ship H.M.S. Brazen. The type 22 destroyer slightly battle hardened also welcomed on board the new helicopter pilot H.R.H Prince Andrew. Nick severed alongside the prince for the next two years. Shore time brought a sense of history when his next posting was as a tour guide on Nelson’s flagship H.M.S. Victory and he can relay many a colourful story. History books aside Nick was then enrolled on the Royal Naval Display Team climbing as button boy to the top of the 100 ft mast. Over the next year Nick performed alongside the Royal Marines Band at the Edinburgh Tattoo, the royal tournament and on the BBC’s Blue Peter and even has a badge to prove it! Leaving the navy gave nick the opportunity to work as a zoo keeper, and as a freelance motoring journalist and finally settled in a career with Marks & Spencer. Nick is married to his wife Carolyn who has a passion for all things Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. They have two children and two granddaughters.

Carolyn asked Nick whether he could build her dream car, so taking four years Nick turned a 1973 Land rover into the magical flying car and just because somebody said they couldn’t, they drove their Chitty 20,000 thousand miles overland to Australia. The trip took a year and was a fantastic adventure through war zones, Turkish mountains and the Iranian desert.

On their return Nick went on to build a mini chitty for his granddaughter Indiya, based on a ride on lawn mower. His daughter had a passion for camper vans so Nick turned a mobility scooter into mini split screen VW camper, and most recently Nick & Carolyn took part in a new BBC series called “Britain’s most spectacular backyard builds” where they built a carousel which dispenses sweets for the kids.

Overland adventures in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

1 Part one, The idea and building the Car

2 Part two, Planning and leaving the Uk, Europe to Turkey.

3 Part three, Turkey, Iran, India.

4 Part four, India to Australia

5 Part Five, Crossing the Australian outback and homeward bound.

6 What happened next, Britian's Most Spectacular Backyard Builds.

7 A sailor posted on board HMS Victory, Life as a naval tour guide.

8 Performing as a mast manning button boy in the Royal Navy Display Team

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