Patricia Erskine-Hill

Patricia Erskine-Hill
European history, literature and art

Patricia's main areas of expertise are the art and history of the Italian Renaissance l Georgian England and Tsarist Russia from Peter the Great to the Russian Revolution of 1917. Her style combines serious scholarship with humour, aiming to entertain as well as to inform and all her lectures are illustrated with fascinating, often very funny, cartoons, paintings and photographs. Erskine-Hill is an Arts Society (previously NADFAS) accredited lecturer. She has lectured at universities in the USA, Romania, Hungary, France, on cruises and to specialist societies, traveling widely on lecture tours throughout the UK and around the world. She is also very happy to prepare talks on subjects to match any cruise itinerary.

Patricia has a first class honours degree from Trinity College, Dublin, and an MSc from Edinburgh University. She speaks fluent Italian, French and rusty Spanish, and has lived in all three countries for varying amounts of time. She and her husband have travelled widely, both for work and for pleasure. Trips have included Russia, Romania, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Germany, Denmark, North Africa, Kenya, Morocco, Costa Rica, the Amazon, India, and the United States, and she has recently completed a month's lecture tour of New Zealand.

This is an edited selection of my lectures and new ones can be prepared to match any itinerary:


1. The Making of Venice: From Swamp to Serenissima

2. Printing, Literacy and Bookselling in Early Renaissance Venice

3. Benvenuto Cellini, the Bad Boy of the Renaissance

4 the Amazing Bellini Family and the Birth of the Venetian Renaissance

6. Dante's Divine Comedy: Otherworld images from his poem

7. Convents and Courtesans: Women's Lives in Pre-Modern Venice

8. Velazquez, Painter of Kings and King of Painters


1. Peter the Great and the Making of Modern Russia

2. The Life and Loves of Catherine the Great

3. Spies, Merchants and Adventurers: The British at the Court of the Tsars

4. Viking Voyages and Raids from the Baltic to the Black Sea

5. Pleasure Palaces and Patriarchs:the Golden Age of the Russian Country House

6. Serf Painters and Their Masters in Imperial Russia

7. Empress Elizabeth and St. Petersburg, showcase of the Elizabethan Baroque

8. The 1905 Revolution and the sinking of the Battleship Potemkin

9. Vlad the Impaler and the Legend of Dracula

10. Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden, Military Genius and Polymath


1. The Vikings in Britain: from Barbarian Invaders to Christian countrymen

2. The Georgians: Polite and Not-so-Polite Society in 18th Century England

3. The Scandalous life of Jane Digby, Victorian Aristocrat and Honoured Sheikha


1. Dangerous Waters: Piracy on the High Seas

2. Vlad the Impaler and the Legend of Dracula

3. Marco Polo at the Court of Kublai Khan

4. The Vikings, from the Northlands to Byzantium

ExpertiseHistory - General History - History of art
Cruise Experience as Speaker/TutorCo-host/lecturer for Duke University (Noble Caledonia); Lecturer on Marco Polo - Baltic and St Petersburg; Serenade 1 Budapest to the Black Sea;


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