Peter Moss

Peter Moss
Ukulele Tutor

This year will be Peter's 52nd year associated with the ukulele. As a child he won many prestigious awards in the UK, including competition from those much older than himself. He is an international performer/Fun-shop presenter. However, Perhaps 75% of his time is spent tutoring others of all age groups and abilities. Prior to lockdown, Peter's invites and appearances have included New Zealand, Australia, USA & Canada, Europe and the UK where Peter is located.

When tutoring music, many use the phrase workshops. Peter modifies that to "Fun-shops" as in his mind that is what the ukulele is about. The little instrument continues to grow in popularity internationally and Peter believes he plays a part in that.

Peter can teach fun songs, but would also like to create a short performances by his attendees at the end of the cruise. That should be a great motivator for all involved.

Expertise50 years teaching.
Cruise Experience as Speaker/TutorNone to date.


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