Peter Young

Peter Young
Retired Fine Art & Antiques Auctioneer

Peter Young has been a distinguished auctioneer for over fifty years. Specialising in antiques and chattels for the majority of his illustrious career, he was initiated into the profession when he was articled as a pupil to the leading and well-respected auctioneer Rupert Spencer. Although his main passion now lies with antiques, Peter gained his early experience through farm and livestock auctioneering. It was at these weekly cattle markets and auction sales that Peter discovered his enthusiasm for all things antique. Through daily interactions with the rich tapestry of characters that he met during this period, Peter realised that a combination of auctions and antiques would provide the ingredients for an interesting and rewarding career. It was with this in mind that upon qualifying as a Chartered Auctioneer, Peter took a partnership with a leading firm of auctioneers before setting up his own business, specialising in antiques. Thanks to Peter’s wide ranging field of expertise, he has had the opportunity to work with a diverse group of people, including media personalities and even members of the aristocracy. During the early days of his career, he regularly worked with the renowned antiques expert Arthur Negus, and was involved with the production of ‘Going For A Song’ alongside Sir Mortimer Wheeler and Max Robertson, a leading antiques roadshow shown on the BBC in the 1960s. Peter’s media experience also extends to regular appearances on both local and national television and radio. Recently, he hosted a guest spot on the BBC roadshow bus, identifying and valuing antiques. He has also appeared on Look North and Calendar as well as on numerous radio stations, both local and national. Since retiring from the hectic world of auction sales seven years ago, Peter retains a full diary having turned his talents to lecturing and after-dinner speaking. He currently lectures on the history of antiques, escorting his students on at least one overseas excursion annually. He began lecturing on cruise ships in 2007, and is now a regular guest speaker for Saga and Fred Olsen on many of their voyages. Beyond this, he is a popular raconteur, giving light hearted and fascinating insights into the world of antiques and auction sales, always delivering his humorous tales to full audiences. His second book, ‘That’s My Lot!’ was published in 2012, which has sold beyond expectation. Until recently Peter held a private pilots licence and was a flying instructor for the British Gliding Association. Nowadays his love of country life finds him beekeeping, attending traction engine rallies and ploughing matches. The family love theatre and particularly the music of Gilbert & Sullivan. He is married to Sandra and has two sons, a daughter and five grandchildren.

The Life and Times of an Auctioneer.

Personal experiences in the Saleroom.

Discoveries in the Antiques Saleroom.

Some unusual finds.

Introduction to Antiques.

What we collect and why.

Iberian Peninsular Antiques.

The Antiques of Spain & Portugal.

The Phoenicians in the Mediterranean.

Antiques trading in 8th & 9th Centuries.

The Antiques of Italy.

The Ebenistes of Kings Louis XIV, XV & XVI of France.

Time for tea.

The paraphernalia of Tea

Time for a smoke.

Tobacco & its accessories.

The Story of Sevres.

The Royal Porcelain of France.

Russian Antique Treasures.

A History of Antique Silver

The History of Glass.

Pottery & Porcelain

Earth, Fire & Water - The Trinity.

The Antique Styles.

Art Nouveau & Art Deco.

Why do we Say That?

The origins of old sayings.

Sugar & Spice - 18th Century Trade in the Caribbean

Lectures with an historical antiques theme tailored to suit cruise destinations.

1. Christmas Gallimaufrey examining theYuletide festivities through Pagan times to the Romans, Greeks and extending to the Georgian and Victorian periods.

2. The glass makers of Lauscha and how the first glass tree decorations were made in a “Cottage Industry” making glass eyes, and was seen by Mr. F.W. Woolworth during a holiday in 19th Century Coburg, Germany, the home of Prince Albert and developed into a worldwide appreciation of this genre.

3). The story of the Christmas Card, introduced by Sir Henry Cole in 1843, Christmas Paintings of the Victorians, and the traditions of Christmas Gifts that we know now.

4) Charles Dickens, the author who promoted Christmas more than any other!

5) Origins of Boxing day - Opening Gifts, and traditions of the Hunt

6) The Christmas Theatre and Panto Mime.

7) Christmas Toys and the Story of Princess Mary’s box given to soldiers in the Great War.

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Cruise Experience as Speaker/TutorCruise ship speaker on over 20 voyages since retirement as an Auctioneer in 2007. Peter is a lively high scoring popular speaker with the cruise lines, presenting humorous full of fun tales of the eventful items andhappenings during his career from articled pupil to being senior partner of his own Antiques sale room.


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