Susan Atkinson

Susan Atkinson
Craft Instructor

I am a passionate quilter and patchworker, but also a “craft butterfly”,undertaking a wide variety different projects. I am continuously trying new crafts that might be appropriate for cruise classes.

I love undertaking all kinds of sewing projects and teach classes in my home and all over the United Kingdom and Canada. There is no better fun than having an enthusiastic class pleased with the materials they are working with and all proud of what they have achieved or the project they are undertaking. I give clear and straight-forward tuition with instructions of clarity and thus speedy happy completions. My classes are always buzzy with enthusiasm and lots of fun. My work has been exhibited at the annual Festival of Quilts and my works have been selected for publication in the USA. I am rarely seen without a needle in my hand, even when my husband is at the wheel.

I was born in St. John’s, Newfoundland; at the time an independent colony but now part of Canada. Educated in Toronto, I then trained as a physiotherapist in London where I met my husband of 48 years. We have two boys and a girl (who is also a keen quilter) and a black Labrador .We have lived in Nottingham for the past 30 years. I have yet to infect the grandchildren! Update. The grandchildren are now old enough and keen to needle felt and love sorting squares of fabric to make themselves a quilt.

Sewing is the new form of relaxation and mind stimulation. A passionate teacher who is able to match time and location of the cruise to the topics and products. Well prepared kits and instructions giving finished products that the cruisers will be proud to take home to their friends or as a souvenir of their trip.

I teach many short one and two hour classes to local quilt and craft groups. Each time I give a class , I access the suitability for using it on a cruise. Needle felting a sea scene or tweed pincushions, landscape postcards, in general. Projects specific to an area for example. Kanthan sewing from India, Hadanger embroidery from Norway, Bead necklaces from Africa. Tartan weaving from Scotland, bags using the beautiful colours of the Caribbean. I have been studying embroideries from around the world. Christmas decorations are a passion. Each year I give the grandchildren a hand made decoration, so my collection is large. Small Father Christmas by various techniques , stars, robins and felt ornaments. Fresh flowers do not last long, so fabric flowers could decorate the cabin , as could bunting made from fabric of the ports visited. I like making practical things as well, passport and cabin key holders, individual lluggage and bag handles to help identify you luggage, decorated bags to carry books and craft equipment. Hunting for appropriate fabrics is an obsession of mine, African prints or shweshwe fabric for sunglasse cases, Nova Scotian tartan or Irish tweeds for book covers to give a few examples.

On one cruise, with the approval and encouragement of the cruise director I formed a social sewing group to meet at quiet times and sew and natter over a cup of tea.

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